Hello, I am Connie. Welcome to my blog. This blog that was created to share my passion for cooking and photography. I am first and foremost a happy mom to a wonderful, a year old Danny and a wife .. but also I work at home and work.

After a hard day, I relax and rest in the kitchen, among the articles I often post on my blog are about food and whole spices, creating “culinary art”.

I’ve been cooking for a couple of years now since I moved to Brisbane. Because there is something more pleasant than the appearance that is how the food tastes.

All the recipes that I have written so far are all my dishes and desserts that I have tested earlier. I modified some the recipes that belong to my mom and also some recipes I got from books or Online. Many dishes that you will find here are seasonal, and the products come from my garden.

I hope everyone here will find something for themselves. For me this blog will be a kind of challenge .. today I do not cook anymore only for my relatives and friends, from today I also cook for you and you. I hope I can meet this challenge.
I invite you to join the world of cooking.